Rehabilitation walk

The walk starting from the Klinikák underground station leads through two historical suburbs, Ferencváros and Józsefváros. These formerly ill-famed suburbs give examples of two different types of rehabilitation. In the first part of the route we walk through Ferencváros, rewarded with numerous prizes. The rehabilitation of blocks has been going on here for nearly two decades: new residential buildings have been set up in place of the worn-out ones, though the tenants mostly remain the same. Common green areas have been created inside the blocks, while public areas are also being renewed, like Ferenc square, for instance. Different methods are being used in Józsefváros, on the other side of Üll?i road: between Corvin cinema and Szigony street, a new promenade and a whole new district is being built, similarly to Orczy Forum. The tour takes us to one of the new houses built for the residents evicted from the area of the Corvin promenade. One of the points to visit, the Keszty?gyár (Glove factory) is an example for the efforts made to revive the community: the old industrial building, turned into a center for culture, is run by the designer architect himself.



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