Raoul Wallenberg Guesthouse

The Collegium Budapest was established for PhD and postgradual students in 1991 as the first of the Institutes for Advanced Study in Central Europe. The school resides in the building of the former city hall of Buda, opposite of Mátyás Church, while the guesthouse, finished in October 2000, stands by the stairs called Szeder leading from the Church towards Víziváros, the district by the bank of the Danube. Because of the great difference in the altitude, the building divides into two blocks. The upper one on Szabó Ilona street has only three stories, adjusting itself to its neighbors. Looking from below, however, it seems to tower high above the five-storied lower section. The two kinds of cladding recall the facade structure of the historical buildings in the Castle area; the materials, the smooth stone, bricks and tiles all enhance this atmosphere. Nevertheless, the method of their usage, the simple masses, the unsophisticated geometrical forms, and the lack of traditional motives show an inclination towards the contemporary minimalist architecture. The harmony of the facades is diversified by the windows appearing in groups, forming individual sequences. The slightly arching gateway is a trademark of Reimholz, which also appears on the Hapimag-house built in the Castle.

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