Práter Street social tenement building

The municipality tenant building in Práter street was built for the residents evicted during the development of the biggest building in the district, the Corvin Sétány (Corvin Promenade). The four partition-walls facing the L-shaped parcel posed a great challenge, and the architects decided on building further as opposed to covering them up. The two separate blocks created by this are connected by a framework of bridges over the small garden at the entrance; the stairways are accessible from here as well. Double-hung French windows are placed on the deep brown brick facades in different distances; this playfulness is further enhanced by the steel concrete balconies and the cast stone shades. The coloring of the outside is reflected on the white-dark brown-grey communal spaces of the interior. A further colorful touch has been added after the erection of the building, as residents have been covering the balcony railings with different materials.

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