PPKE IT Faculty

The church operated university founded in 1993 has units in both Budapest and in Piliscsaba, a small town not far from the capital. The latter village place gives home to a campus converted from a former barrack. The new buildings were designed by Imre Makovecz, master of the Hungarian organic architecture, and his pupils. Designing the building of the Faculty of Information Technology was a similarly complex challenge but resulted in a completely different solution. The neighborhood is quite heterogeneous, in the close proximity there are 10-12 story blocks of flats running along hundreds of meters, to the south the once prestigious, now deteriorated 19th century houses of the Práter Street can be found. The sophisticated, accurately sectioned building appears to be a closed block, and represents an independent, characteristic and new voice that serves an unusual, even elite purpose in this neighborhood. The white, plastered strips of embayment look as if they were cut out of the red brick facade with a knife. The dry rationalism of the outside is paired with a systematic plan based on practical considerations.

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