Passzázs House

This building standing on a plot connecting Horánszky and Mária streets was conceived to be the second one of the so-called Core-houses meant for entrant, young and exigent people. However, the business plans failed after the first movement of the project. Luckily, an investor found the second Core-house, designed by János Dobai to be a good investment and, with some modifications, constructed it by the name of Passage-house. The house encloses two patios, with three smaller blocks standing out of a longitudinal wing that covers the northern back wall of the adjacent buildings. On the ground floor there are stores, while flats and offices are located on the upper floors; stairs lead to the roof gardens. The inner patios are turned into public spaces by the passage running trough the parcel, and the structure of their facades evokes the clear, almost industrially rational style of the main facade. This makes the building a refreshing spot among the old eclectic tenement houses waiting for reconstruction.

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