Pala House

The main transport route in the Víziváros district under the Vár (Buda Castle) is F? (Main) street. One of its latest buildings, the Industrial Export office building, built in 1984, designed by Zsófia Csomay and Gábor Gereben, became well-known in the whole country in the '80s: it appeared as a police station in the TV series ?Linda?, the story of the young karate-fighter officer girl. Two decades after it was erected, one of the original designers had the opportunity to alter the house. The glazed surfaces on the frontage were replaced by limestone and brickwork, typical materials in the contemporary architecture of the Castle and its environs (partly due to the work of Csomay and her husband, Peter Reimholz). The somewhat exaggerated size of the seven-story office is fitted to the scale of its surroundings by the adjoining smaller building, which is covered in clinker. This adaptation can be witnessed especially on the Kapucinus street side, which is parallel to the F? street. The covered patio houses the medieval ruins uncovered in 1977 at the demolition of the baroque buildings originally standing on the site, however, in this matter the client's will was different from the designer's intentions.

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