On bike from the Liget to Margitsziget

Riding on the narrow bike route along Andrássy avenue, we can observe several illustrious buildings dating from the 19th century as well from present days. From here we ride along Bajcsy-Zsilinszky avenue towards Westend City Center that was completed by 2000 and had played a major role in the renewal of Váci street and its broader environs. This part of the city has become the home of a several kilometer-long office-block during the past few years. Among the good examples we selected an office building in Ipoly street to see. Afterwards, riding back on the bank of the Danube, it is also worth to take a look at the Bauhaus buildings in Újlipótváros, the district that developed in the 1930s. Szent István park may be a good place to rest for a while. Our journey ends at the most popular public park, Margitsziget (Margaret Island), where our two recommended stops may be a pleasant pastime. The participants with lots of energy may join in tour no. 7 here



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