Millenáris Park

The premises gave home to the internationally famous electro-technical factory founded by Ábrahám Ganz for over a hundred years. By the 1990's the city had surrounded the factory completely, and production was moved to the countryside, whereas the demolishment of some of the buildings started in 2000. Preserving the listed factory buildings, a park and a cultural centre were established here. The Fogadó ("Inn", Building G), keeping the factory look on the outside, is located at the Kis Rókus street entrance. The lookout in front of it has a metal structure reminding the viewer of cooling towers, which is a reference to the work of atom scientists of Hungarian origin. A newly built entrance (Building C) joins the largest listed monument building at the rear end of the park, Hall B, with the partially conserved Building D. This latter is "cut in half" by a glass wall. The theatre building (Teátrum, Building E) is complete with an outside amphitheatre. The industrial structures are supplemented with high-quality, unique contemporary motives. A lake was created over the invisible underground parking place. On the lake shore a spectacular music pavilion was raised. The grape garden is reminiscent of the old vines of the factory destroyed during demolition.

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