Magyar Telekom R+D Building

Infopark was created on the southern part of a territory where the Budapest EXPO had been planned but never realized. It was intended to become a ?miniature Silicon Valley?, a community of creative IT workshops. The first building erected there gives home to the research and development centre of the country's largest telecommunication service provider, Matáv that has later been acquired by T-Com. The block consists of a tall, bending volume that encloses an inner garden and a straight, four-story wing, which are connected by a telecommunication tower. Office-like rooms were created inside for software development, while hardware development takes place in specialized laboratories. The dimensions and the main material of the façade ? brick - were set by directives, hence the uniform look of the nearly finished Infopark. The designer of the T-Com building eased the resemblances with metal stripes and accentuated glass surfaces.

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