Light Corner

In 1998 Építész Stúdió was chosen to design the office building on this prominent spot in the downtown of Buda, but after a longer pause, work restarted only in 2003. During the second phase of the design the hardest task was to find the right place for the main entrance. Since the most prevailing part of the corner-site does not face the busy Margit boulevard the architects had to lay stress on the spot of the corner entrance with a strong vocative element. The solution was the tower-like shaping of the main stairway and the uniformed, transparent walls of the main entrance. The sand-blasted bands of the many-storied glazed wall, its stiffening structure and the moving boxes of the panoramic elevators make this section of the facade living. The other facades are deliberately moderate; their stripe-like windows resonate with the houses in the neighbourhood raised between the two wars.

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