Lehel market hall

In the proximity of the present-day Lehel square there used to be a marketplace as early as the end of the 18th century on. The long-sought and planned covered market hall was eventually opened in 2001. László Rajk, naming his own style "radical eclecticism" reinterpreted the organically developed urban fabric of the neighborhood, harboring mixed styles and qualities. The inner circulation of the market hall is based on that of the old marketplace, with keeping one of the old market buildings in the middle of the block. The present building is organized around this latter, lining the historical layers of construction up as a catalogue. The astonishing outside with thick pillars holding planters serves as a replacement of the former tree-lining. The colorful and diversified shop units can be modified by the tenants themselves, providing another layer of re-interpretation. The corridors on the outside (e.g. the walkway to the rooftop parking lot) and the colorful overall look invoke the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, but while the latter looks rational, the Lehel Market Hall shows a fairy tale world. One of the telling details is one corner resembling a ship's bow, and for that, receiving the nickname "Kofahajó". ("merchants' ship") (The term Kofahajó used to stand for water vessels with which merchants used to ship their goods to the Market Hall of F?vám square from the South on the Danube.)

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