Lánchíd 19 Design Hotel

The plot of the former horse stables used to be the only break in continuity of the row of buildings on the Danube's bank under Castle Hill. Sugár and Benczúr architects won the task to design a four star hotel on this empty plot. The dimensions of the building adjust to the neighboring buildings. The interior is divided into three sections: some of the 47 rooms have a view on Castle Hill, while others have a magnificent view on the Danube, in between an atrium with alternated bridges gives connections to both sides. In the basement remains of the Castle's medieval water system have been found, also open to the public. The architects had a visionary plan of the glass facade overlooking the Danube to be interactive: the constantly moving panels reflect the river's flow. They are moved by the river's speed, the weather or even the guests of the hotel. The unique sight is even more stunning at night when lit. The artist group called Szövetség 39 helped in designing the details of the glass facade. Due to this structure the building won several prizes.

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