Kopaszi dike, Leasure Park

The urban development of the area lying south of Lágymányosi Bridge was completed after the ground got into private property, but before the planned projects began. On the strip of land surrounding the little bay, pavilion-like, seemingly temporary structures were raised that were influenced by the ones formerly standing here. Upon the steel-framed constructions, colored metal shells were mounted just as if vests, pullovers, suits, anoraks, bikinis and colored shirts were pulled over the naked body ? explained the chief designer Gábor Turányi. A quite pleasant image is created by the varied forms and colors of the buildings, the preserved older trees and the freshly planted vegetation. A stage on the water and an auditorium disguised as a sloping promenade create an exciting scene in the bay. A bridge for pedestrians is also planned over the bay towards the protected buildings of the thermal power station standing on the opposite bank.

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