Kékgolyó Str. Lutheran Center

The Kékgolyó street villa and the neighboring parcel were donated to the Lutheran Church by the state in 1994 as part of the compensation program. Design work on the new local parish center had started right away, but the final building, after several versions, was erected in 2001. The main challenges were renovating a listed villa building, adjusting to the style of the neighboring buildings and satisfying the requirements of the congregation, such as the creation of a separate congregational hall, youth activity rooms and, naturally, a belfry. The new parts to the building are stacked behind the villa on the street front, with the modest nave of the church in the back and a belfry towering in the front. The church reflects the simplicity of the Romanesque cathedrals of Northern Italy, while the annexes leading to the villa attempt to dissolve the contradiction between the styles with contemporary elements.

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