ING Headquarters

The construction of the ING Center, probably the most popular contemporary building in Budapest, was commissioned by the Dutch insurance company, built on the place of a dull union hall. The Liget Center standing next to it was renewed by the same constructor, Erick van Egeraat. This building and the art nouveau-eclectic houses on the other side of the plot inspired the design for the design. The facade facing Dózsa György street is divided into three parts, each connected with the other with glazed atriums. Stainless steel ribbons curve along the building in front of the facades that are covered by several materials, making the reeling composition whole. The facade to the back is another world: contrary to the spectacular and vivid covering of the front, simple white paint dominates here, but the rhythm of the windows maintains the playfulness. The building is among the best works of Egeraat; not only loved by the inhabitants, but met with international recognition as well.

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