Hotel Kempinski

The hotel was built in the most important junction of the city, between Deák square and Vörösmarty square (now a pedestrian zone), probably on one of the most valuable plots in town. The block-size construction's each facade accommodates itself with the environment - each in its own way: to Deák Ferenc street the building reveals itself with a merry arch and rhymes with the street frontage, but to Erzsébet square its main facade with the central projection lays stress on its own importance. On the eastern side the facade is closed: the edifice standing next to it was once the headquarters of the state police. Though the postmodern forms and colors have raised criticism ever since, the audacious shaping is justified by the construction's position in the cityscape. When it was raised, the 370-room hotel became the first luxury hotel in town; as it is well known, it was the residence of Madonna at the time of the shooting of the film Evita.

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