Hapimag House

For several decades after the war, the reconstruction and replacement of residential buildings in the Castle area meant a challenge for Hungarian architects, which in several cases led to exciting and excellent results. Filling the gap at Bécsikapu square, the apartment house built by Hapimag of Switzerland is one of the greatest successes. The designer employed the remains of the middle-age walls and developed the house based upon them. An increased intention to adapt to the surrounding buildings is noticeable: the ridge-roofed section standing out of the articulated Fortuna street facade adapts to the houses standing further away in the street, whereas the cut-off corner communicates with the corner balcony of the neighboring Louis Seize building. The delicate and markedly mature details give this young house a historical atmosphere. The Hapimag house is probably the best example of the approach that achieves optimal adaptation to the historical environment by the use of noble materials (brick, stone, wood, tiles) and well considered contemporary design.

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