Gül baba street Apartment House

Architect Tamás Tomay, who specializes in family houses, is inspired by the modernist forms of the era between the two world wars, yet with a contemporary architectural language. His apartment house is like an exclamation mark in Gül baba street (named after a Turkish dervish, Father of Roses), climbing up on Rózsadomb. On a plot of mere 98 square meters, the ten-story building covers the firewall of the neighboring eclectic house. Offices were created on the lower levels, while on the 4th floor and above several apartments of 36 m2 were built with an excellent view over the Rózsadomb area as they turn away from the line of the street. The glass surfaces, enriched with sliding shutters, dress up the building with elegance, dealing with its architectural environment with self-confidence.

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