Gül baba street 23, Family House

The cobbled, steep Gül Baba street is one of the most attractive sites of Buda; here stands the monument of the only Turkish holy man in the town, after whom the street was given its name. Gül Baba was a Muslim monk, he died on the 2nd of September 1541, the day Buda was conquered. His sepulchral chapel standing at the end of the street is still visited by the Muslim pilgrims regularly. The asymmetrical family house designed by Balázs and Somogyi-Soma, who always pay great attention to the local stylistic features, was built by enlarging an abandoned late Baroque building. The facade accommodates itself to the small-town nature of the street with its varied windows; the prevailing wooden revetment and the Mediterranean colors reflect the Balkan's architectural traditions. The ground floor rooms open into an enclosed atrium; this is the heart of the house. The closed character of the street facade is balanced by the breathtaking sight from the window of the studio on the upper floor.

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