Glove Factory Community House

This part of the 8th district is one of the poorest neighborhoods in Budapest with a very high crime rate. The general rehabilitation program launched in 2005 also included the renovation of Mátyás square, involving the locals. The redesigning of the former glove factory into a community house was also part of the programm. The architects coordinating the rehabilitation project simplified and rationalised the 19th century building; the main new additions are the two staircases. The colors applied to the interior, the freshly plastered surfaces, the rustic look of the rough concrete and the easy shapes provide the building with an unusual strength, giving it a refreshing look among the deteriorated residential buildings. Important features of the interior are the prints on the glass walls that were created using the paintings of a Roma painter who taught at the nearby school. When choosing the materials and forms, the architects' main consideration was the intense use of the building in the future.

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