French Institute

At the time of the change in the regime several foreign architects received the assignment from their nations' to represent them in the Hungarian capital. One of the most interesting examples was built on the plot of the former French Embassy destroyed in the winter of 1944-45. The Institut Francais by Georges Maurios was finished by the end of 1991. Although the architect intended to correlate the mass and the apertures of the building with the street's other edifices, its forms and soul make it lonesome in the city. The usage of materials and forms reflect the era: the green granite and red-silver metal facade is vivified by the two masses on the corners, the staircase and the cylinder like conference hall (latter is often used in the communication of the institute). The fascinating interior is emphasized by the courtyard's glass wall through which the balconies of the neighboring house can be seen. Artwork of the Hungarian-French sculptor Pierre Székely can be found in front of the block.

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