Ferenc square

The complex rehabilitation of the 9th district also known as Ferencváros, was launched in 1992 with the help of the EU's URBAN program. With the exemplary works, the quarter went under a significant physical and social change, while valuable buildings and inhabitants remained. The leaders of the rehabilitation process were the first in Budapest to realize that the reconstruction of public spaces refresh communities and thus the renovation of buildings. The icon of the great works was Ferenc square, the biggest public park of the quarter, lying in the heart of the construction grounds. A competition held for planning the slummed square was won by Pestterv. The rehabilitation's aim was to create a high quality and exciting space in service of the quarter's community life, just as before, therefore, the inhabitants were also involved in the works. Beside the plantation of hundreds of bushes and plants, two covered terraces, a music pavilion and two fountains were placed.

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