Fény street market

The Fény street market was the first significant public building by Építész Stúdió who won the tender in 1996. On a site that used to accommodate the market consisting of stalls, a new building was fitted into the densely built-in environs, while managed to preserve traditions. The market, resembling a public space, and open in all directions is organized around an atrium with a single-slope roof, running parallel to Fény street. Commercial, service and catering functions were placed on the lower two levels, while the traditional market functions are located on the upper two levels. The rational structure, the clear colors and forms, the use of simple materials suggest that the building is a functional frame for the activities inside. A few delicate details, such as the staircase tower on the corner of the building, the fine structure of the Löv?ház street facade as well as the bold sharp end at the Retek street entrance are the forerunners of the future works of Építész Stúdió, and make the market a valuable public building.

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