Church of Hungarian Saints

The name of Ferenc Török is of high importance in Hungarian religious architecture. Mihály Balázs first met him as a student, and by now has won similar significance in the same field. Having designed the Budapest nunciature of the Vatican after the change of the political regime, Török and Balázs won the assignment to design the Vatican's pavilion for the 1996 Expo in Budapest. Even though the event had been cancelled, this lone building of the Expo was constructed. In accordance with the original plans, it now serves as the church of the new university quarter. The forms of the Church of Hungarian Saints represent the essence of Török's and Balázs's churches constructed during the 1990s (in Kazincbarcika, Sopron, Nyíregyháza, Fehérgyarmat). Due to its unique role and function, the building also aims to refer to the history of Christian architecture with easy-to-understand style abstractions such as the variety of walls or the plan reminiscent of ancient round churches. The "jewelry-box" character makes the church somewhat lonely in an environment that still looks a bit inordinate today.

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