Boat Station and Water Police Station

Kopaszi dike, enclosing a small bay on the river Danube, South of Lágymányosi Bridge, was transformed into a public area with the contribution of T2 Architects and Váncza Works. The very first building, posing as a gate if viewed from the bridge, was designed by the latter. Although its appearance was constrained partly by external factors such as the regulations of flood prevention or the adjoining docks, the building does fulfill its function as a gate. On the rectangular site a two-storied glass structure was set up and then covered by a longitudinal shell of raw concrete. This bright white shell descends to the ground on a row of pillars from the North side towards the South, it follows the curve of the roof and touches the ground while torn by vertical slits, forming an open landing. This is practically the waiting room for the boat station; the required interior functions were placed in the light, transparent glass prism. The inclined flagpoles piercing through the slits add some strange incidentiality to the highly elegant structure.

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