Barabás Mansion

Miklós Barabás, one of the most talented Hungarian painters of the 19th century, had a villa built in neo-classical style based on his own plans in 1840. The ethereal, nicely proportioned building had many owners over the decades and, up to as recently as 1990, six families lived there. Eventually the owner, the district municipality, decided to change its function and turn it into a convention center. The competition for its renovation was awarded to Péter Basa. The villa and its annexes were restored to their original shape. A painting by Barabás that shows the building right after its construction was a great help to the architect. Most of the desired functions could be placed underground, only two side wings made of glass and the pergolas of the garden mark the extension above ground level. The new construction is made mostly of wood and glass, highlighting their provisional nature. The reconstruction won the Europa Nostra award.

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