A38 Cultural ship

This establishment, unique in town, is a makeover of a former stone-carrier ship. As the sluice system on the Danube-Maine-Rhein channel is narrow, the ships traveling this route were not suitable for creating an acoustically satisfactory space inside them. The ship - by her original name Artemovsk 38 - was thus brought from the Ukraine instead. To place the concert hall in the vessel, the whole structure of the 85 meters long, 15 meters wide boat had to be rebuilt. The backstage is housed in the former engine room under the command bridge. Visitors enter at the bow deck, to reach the concert hall, the restaurant or the roof terrace. The command bridge was reconstructed according to the original fashion of the '60s by the architects. The concept behind the new structure is the cargo ? all halls are containers, one on top of the other. The diversity of forms and materials result in an exciting overall picture. Work with steel structures required high accuracy in the design - this precision can be observed in the details of the build-up.

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