1956 Memorial

The international tender to design a memorial for the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian revolution was won by four young architects and artists called the i-ypszilon group. The memorial is located at Felvonulási tér (Parade square), the site where a statue of Stalin was toppled on October 23, 1956. The abstract, wedge-shaped form focuses on this moment, a unique expression of common will of freedom. Along the axis of the memorial, the columns become denser, their materials become shinier, and the structure grows higher until they unify in a concise, 8 meters high, stainless steel block. This wedge breaks up the road surface, referring to the power of the revolution that took place in this very spot, too. The arched area surrounding the monument provides space for private contemplation as well as representative ceremonies.

artur poipic artur poipic artur poipic



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